baby shower

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    I am pregnant with out third child.  My other two are 5 and 6 years old.  I wanted to also know if it is appropriate to have a baby shower the third time around? I did have a baby shower with the other two however I have given everything away! Cribs included.  I just dont want to offend anyone


  • HI, I think you should have another baby shower cause as we all no baby thing can get a little expensive so just to get a few thing from your close friends should not be a issue at all. if there your friend they should be just as happy to give. and plus like they say 3 times a charm.....
  • You should have another shower since it has been 5 years since your youngest was born. If your youngest was 2 years or less older, I would say no, but 5 years is  long time and you probably can't reuse much. Congrats!

  • I think you need to have one!Baby things are so expensive. I am expecting my first child and now realized how  expensive it is. And I an so happy that I am getting presents from friends and the family. It helps a lot!

  • I personally love going to/throwing baby showers for people no matter how many kids they have. Each one is worth celebrating! :-)
  • I agree, I think it is certainly appropriate especially since there are some basic necessities you don't have anymore. Also, five years is quite a while so there are probably things available now that are either new or improved from those you might have had before. I always enjoy celebrating my friend's pregnancies and the arrival of new babies.

  • Definitely have a baby shower! Every baby deserves one. How would you tell your child that they didn't have a baby shower but their siblings did? Even if it's a shower and everyone contributes to a college fund because you do not need anything, every baby should have one. It is a time to celebrate another life!