hello im due in december

  • hey moms !!!

    i am very new to this pregnancy thing and i is scray but it is awesome . im 23 i have a baby due in late november early dec as the doc said. im 4 months the end of june . or 16 weeks now. but anywho if u have any advice i could try out anything at all please let me know . this is my first baby im a single mom and could use all the support or advice i can get !!!! my mom is helping out quite a bit but there is even somethings she has to ask her expecting co-workers about. when it comes to me being prego. so if u have any advice or tip tricks i dont care just please let me know.

  • Hey Congrats mamadarland!

    I'm a first-time mom-to-be due in Dec. too. There's only 3 things I can recommend to you so far.

    1) Get a pregnancy body-pillow. You will be much more comfortable now and later on. I even relax with it on the couch when watching TV.

    2) Lather yourself with any lotion that contains collagen & elastin. Stretchmarks are hereditary but even if your mom didn't have any, lather up anyway. I use Palmers Cocoa Butter for Strechmarks (because I love cocoa butter) but honestly any brand will do.

    3) Let your friends help you. A single momma will not feel alone with her friends around her. My friends love rubbing my belly and are sometimes more excited about my pregnancy than I am!