15 weeks tomorrow....

  • Is it just me or is there any other soon-to-be moms out there who just don't feel pregnant! I know I am,my nose is spreading,I have the worst case of nausea and vomiting. And if i'm not mistaking, I think I feel flutters!!!

  • im almost 17 weeks now, i still dont feel pregnant, i've only gained 3 lbs, not showing at all yet. i feel completely normal, im hoping it will kick in when i find out the gender.

  • hello foxymom89 im 23 this will be my first in 17 weeks as of today . my belly button is close to poppin out . before i got prego i was a small in shirts and a 0-1 in pants now im showing more and more every week .  i went to try on my pants and wow yeah not happening so i got shorts with jaw strings in them and medium shirts lol. and yeah i get the cases of not feeling prego either but watch come your 5 or 6 months ull will notice . but then again everyone is different . i was showing at 3 months and now big time like i said.