What drugs are safe for baby and me?

  • When you are pregnant the list of medications you can take dwindles to a very small one. Expecting mothers probably feel this squeeze the most in the most obvious way – nausea. While doctor’s can prescribe some treatment, in some case such as my wife it may not work or works poorly. Other times it can be something simple like the common cold – no Nyquil or Drixoral can mean being up all night. A lot of home remedies are often recommended but have not been tested for medical however, which can leave mothers worried about how it will affect their baby. What did you do when you were feeling under the weather? Did it help?

  • I'm asthmatic, so whenever I get a cold, it usually turns into bronchitis really quick. Generally, I try to stay away from OTC medications because they dry out my throat, which is worse than dealing with a sore throat, in my opinion.

    Anyhow, it didn't seem to matter what I did to prevent getting sick when I was pregnant; I always would because of my asthma. My doctors told me that they only wanted me to take Sudafed as a decongestant. This kind of threw me off because the manufacturers recently changed the active ingredient in Sudafed so that it can't be used to make illegal drugs. It goes into the whole reason OTC pseudoephedrine drugs have to be sold behind the counter now.

    I didn't know how taking the new drug would affect me, so I just bypassed it and stayed on antibiotics to combat the source of my infection. I combatted the congestion with a humidifier, vapo rub, hot showers, and lots of ramen noodle soup. 

    I also had to take inhaled steroids and bronchial dialators, all of which they said were okay. They always make my heart race, so who knows what affect it had on my daughter. I stayed away from herbal supplements that I would normally take, such as echinacea, just because there was no evidence either way as to whether it would do any harm.