labor induction

  • I just found out today that my doctor wants to induce labor on Monday!  I am excited to have the baby and very nervous at the same time!  I have two other children, but neither were induced.  I hope it won't hurt more than the other two!  

  • I have found that when I got induce with my second child that it was a fabulous birthing experience.   I know that sounds crazy but it hurt a bit more when they broke my water than the labor and delivery.    You will be fine...and how exciting only a few days away.  Best of luck and a healthy and quick delivery to you and the new addition.

  • In my 2nd pregnancy labor was induced. I was 4+ monday and they wanted me in on wednesday. I wish that I had waited. It depends on your situation. Past due? It was ALOT more painful than my first and I will not be induced this time unless necessary. (ie. baby at risk). I feel I should have waited with my second. Good luck.