Cancer survivor,engaged,new mom

  •          I am a twenty year old 104 lb woman that's 5'2'' and I have recently been told that I am pregnant about four or five weeks along now.I found out that I had cancer in September of 2009 did two surgeries,Interferon(peg intron) and radiation which left my neck badly scarred and considered disabled.Well besides that since I've recently found out that I'm pregnant they disregarded my medications assuring me that my health of my baby will be A Ok just as long as I don't proceed to use the Peg intron and drop my current medications.

           My fiance,Christopher is twenty years old as well and he works full-time,I go to beauty college full time and we both live together. Also we plan to get married in the next month or so(Before I start to show).My dad's side is christian so it's considerably the right thing to do.Next month I get to have an ultra sound of my baby.I guess since I have already been through a lot for a young girl I'm really anxious and nervous.I just want my baby to be healthy and sound.

    Please send prayers for us and our family to make it through all the tough stuff.Boy I have a long way to go.-Sleep anxious mommy.

  • Consider it done!

  • Thank you so much!! every prayer counts.