30 weeks pregnant my belly is measuring 4cm smaller than the doctor wants

  • I went into my appointment and the doctor measured my belly and he said that I'm measuring smaller than he wants. This is my second baby and my first one went so well it was like reading a text book on pregnancy. This pregancy isn't as easy. I am not really surprised because the kids will only be a year and a couple weeks apart, if i can make it to my due date. I'm starting to freak out because I have to wait two weeks till the doctor will go over my next ultrasound and have his dicision for me. I'm scared that he could put me on bed rest (with my 10 month old, i dont know how well that would go over) or they'll induce me and my kids could have the same birthday a year later. Any one have the problem of measuring small? If so what did your doctor say?

  • I measured small with one of my children. The ultrasounds were fine and I didn't have any problems...my son was born at 38 weeks and he was 6 pounds 3 ounces. Just make sure your doctor follows you closely, measures your fluid status and the baby. Sometimes women can measure small for a few weeks and then you have a growth spurt. Good luck, just keep following up with your doctor and try not to worry.

  • Hi, I only have 1 child and I've never had this problem but try not to worry. You will stress yourself which will then stress the baby. Just pray that everything is fine. I'm sure with the 10 month old running around your hands are more than full right now. You see how you're just thinking of every worst case scenario try and think of the in 2 mos---when your 10 mos old is 1 and your new one is on it's way healthy and strong. Trust me I know it's hard but I've learned to become a little more optimistic than usual and each day this pregnany progresses it really helps me. I've come to realize the "what ifs" don't change anything no matter how many times I say it, so just pray of whatever is your higher power just believe and let go and enjoy your pregnancy because the time to stress is once that little one gets here and you are now left to deal with them both.....I have several friends that have told me that whom have kids close in ageCrying