when should i start looking at pediatricians

  • Hi

    I am 28 weeks along and was just wondering when should i start looking for pediatricians? 



  • I would start anytime soon, because once you get one it's nice to be able to stick to the same one for a long time, so your baby will be comfortable around the doctor. I mean a month or two ahead of time would be a great time.

  • GeekedHey! Im 29 weeks and im going to start looking soon. My due date is SEP/14/10 but,  5% of babies are born on there due dates... Its important you find one that you live close to and you trust to handle all your babies health needs. Big SmileBe picky.

  • You can start when you are ready i recommend as soon as possible call around to different ped's in your area ask them if they have a meet the doctor appt you can make so you have the chance to sit down meet them and kinda get a understanding of how their practice works! If you find one you really like try them to see how it goes i will say ask questions about any concerns you have they are there to help you understand everything Good luck Baby's are an absoulte Miracle :)

  • I would start looking into pediatricians now.  Most hospitals want to know before discharge, where I delivered I wasn't allowed to leave with my son until I had a pediatrician.

  • I started looking at pediatricians around 32 weeks. I went and met with them ahead of time so I would know that I felt comfortable talking with them. Any time you have a minute is a good time to start looking. Don't wait to long though, some babies come a bit early and you could find yourself having your little one at 37 or 38 weeks.

  • i started looking at 24 weeks.