Hi my names Brittney are you...omg excuse me.

  • Im a waitress and it sure is embarressing when Im at a table taking an order and right in the middle of a sentance I have to pause because Im afraid I might puke. If only I had a baby bump and atleast I could get a sympathy stare instead of a "excuse my waitress, shes a little slow" stare. And for the times that I do have to run to the bathroom I come back out with my eyes all watered and red with everyone asking "aw...did you just get sick?" Im pretty sure thier thinking "eww"

  • My wife is a teacher and has been sick for the past three months... I think people will have sympathy if you simply tell them the deal... everyone loves a baby story, so if you have that situation, and you feel comfortable doing it, let your customers know what's up. They may even throw you a few symnpathy tip dollars! Good luck.

  • HA HA! I never thought abou sympathy dollars! I'll have to try that today.

  • I definitely think it is best to be upfront with them about your pregnancy. It is better for your customers to know you are getting sick because you are pregnant, than to think that you are sick with the flu....that tends to make people worried about their own health! Congratulations!