cannot sleep at night time

  • Hi, I am 25 weeks pregnant and I cannot sleep at night time. I even bought the body pillow to help but it didn't work. I try so many method to sleep but once I woke up in the middle of night for bathroom then I will stay awake till the next day. I wonder if its normal?

  • I am only 11 weeks, and already find myself laying in bed wide awake for an hour or more almost every other night!! Very difficult to only be rounding up my first trimester.

  • HI, I'm 36 wks and I don't know what's normal as this is my first time but what I found that helped was to get up out of bed around 5:30am/6-ish (after having laid awake since my first pee break around midnight) and get myself ready for the day like lay out my clothes, pack my lunch, go to the bathroom, eat if I'm hungry. This usually takes me about 20-30 mins. Then I lay down on the couch in the livingroom and take a nap until I have to get up for work at 7:15. It's unconventional but it works for me! Hope that helps! 

  • Yah I think it is normal.  I am also having the worst time sleeping I am 22 weeks and expecting my 4th baby and have gone through this every time.  I do have to say this time is the worst I feel like my sleeping is totally flipped.  I never want to sleep when I'm supposed to and always when to when I shouldn't!  Lately these days I have been running on only maybe 3-4 hours a sleep a day!  I'm a stay at home mom with 3 boys ages 4, 3, and 10 months and let me tell you they keep me on my toes!  The best thing I have found to help put me to sleep is working out before bed then taking a warm shower.  It helps to calm me and wear me out a bit!