3 more weeks!!!

  • Hod do you do this? I am 37 weeks and I can not wait any longer.  The time is going by so slow now.  I am constantly doing something all the time to keep my mind off of seeing my little girls face for the first time.  I have heard the "every day she is in there is better for her", but I am too excited.  Plus my back had been hurting me since the last week just constantly.  I keep having dreams of my water breaking and i wake up, and i can honestly say I'm disappointed to find out I'm not soaked. lol PLEASE give me some advise.  Tongue Tied 

  • Just be patient! In a few weeks you will barely be able to remember life before your little girl! Best of luck and congratulations!

  • I totally feel your pain.  I am close-i was always told my due date was the 16th, but my doc has now changed it to the 22nd.  So i know how your feeling just praying youll go into labor.  Im trying to keep busy, but nothing really seems to work.  But try to stay positive, hopefully your time will fly faster than mine.

  • I have done everything to keep my mind off of it.  I've cleaned my house top to bottom and try not to just sit there and think about it. I'm going crazy.  Yesterday I went over 13 speed bumps, because someone told me that would induce labor, but i'm still waiting. lol