18 and pregnant

  • I'm 18 years old and 30 almost 31 weeks pregnant, I have a 9th grade education and I don't have a job and i'm scared I won't be enough for my daughter. My fiance works a part time job and I live with my mom and my little brother it's kinda crowded and we don't always get along. I'm worried I won't be able to give her what she needs.
  • Talk to your fiance about going back to get your GED. This way you can then go on to a training school or community college and provide a better life for your child. It is never too late to learn a new skill or trade..you are only 18 and you can be whoever you want to be. Talk to your doctor about finding resources in your community that are available to you.
  • I've talked to him, but right now we don't have the funds for me to go back right now, and until the baby is born the state can't help me with School. So I have to wait. It just sucks cuz I feel like i'm doing nothing for her.
  • I was 19 when my first daughter was born, 21 when my 2nd was born, and 34 when my next baby will be born.  I can imagine how scared you are right now - I've been there.  Unlike you, I did have a high school diploma when my first was born, but if you keep your head held high, set goals for yourself and your new baby, and don't EVER let anyone tell you that you can't do something because your young and have a kid, then you'll be just fine.  You will struggle but don't let that get you down.  Keep moving forward and learn from each set-back.  I had a lot of set-backs and very little family support back then - but now I'm in my 2nd year of law school and have 2 awesome kids (and one on the way) to show for all my hard work.

    I wish you the best of luck and congratulations! 

  • hi my name is stormy i'm 18 year old and i have two kids a lil girl who is two years old a lil boy who is 5 months old and i am 15weeks along with my 3rd child and just to say it's not so bad and i wouldnt change a thing and there fathers in the pic but he dosent help much i do everything for them but thats my job one that i will not feal at good lucky i hope evrything works out for you like it has for me

  • You could maybe look into adult high school programs offered at some community colleges, i got my high school diploma from a community college that offered adult high school and it was free. Also, i'm only 20 and i'm going back to college, as long as you have your baby during the academic year you are still able to claim the child for financial aid purposes i'm due in feb but still able to get financial aid to go back to school since the baby will be born during the school year.
  • Thank you everyone for all your help. I would go to a community college to take my GED but they want to charge me 65 dollars and I can't afford that right now. My brother is 15 and will be going back to school in September and that's when my little girl is born so I have to make sure he has everything for school, cloths wise and school supplies wise, my mom can't do anything because she is disabled. So me, my brother and my finace take care of her. My fiance is only working a part time job 3 days a week if he is lucky I can't get a job til after the baby is born because no one wants to hire a 8 month pregnant girl who is also 18 so everything pretty much sucks right now. I'm doing the best I can to raise my little brother and bring my daughter into the world healthy and make my finace happy, Lol