new young mommy

  • hi im  19 and this is my first pregancy i got all the books and my mom is helping out alot but my mian concern is just cloths i want to still look cute and all without looking trashy in just sweats and t-shirts all the time so any advice to hlep me out a lil so i can kepp wearin g sum of my jeans s i dont have to bu new wardrobe

  • I was about to direct you to the maternity clothes post, but I see you already found it. :) Welome and congrats! I am so glad your mom is helping you. That will make all the difference. Books are great too, because they help you feel more sure of yourself and answer the million questions that pop up during pregnany and parenting.

  • I was 19 when I was first pregnant, too. Finding clothes that don't make you feel 100 years old is a challenge. I just went with what was comfy most of the time. And there are lots of cute, young maternity clothes out now. Check out what's in your area. Congrats!!!

  • How far along r u?  I guess that is where to start... If you want to wait on buying some maturnity clothing, here r a few tricks.  Do you have any sibling or a friend that might take a jean size bigger than u.  If so ask if you can borrow them for a short time.  You can use them as you get a little bigger.  Also, as they start to fit a little more snug, you can get a big safty pin and use it to close the front instead of buttoning them, this will give a little more room.  And no one can tell because most maturnity tops or longer t-shirts will cover that area.  But, I know you will need maturnity clothing, so get some and feel comfortable.  If you have a sibling, you may be able to pass the clothing down later, and if not, their is always ebay.  People are always looking to buy used clothing.  If you take good care of it, you can get a good amount of money back.  And you can save on shipping if you sell it in bulk, b/c the post office has flat rate boxes.  And dont forget, after the baby is born, you can do the same with that.  Especially your once used christmas, easter dresses and halloween cosutmes.  Just a few tips.  And if you need help or have questions, just let me know.

  • Hi. Im 19 too and this is my first child as well.. My mom is helping me out too.. so dont think your alone. As far as the maternity clothes go, I suggest that you just find something comfy and that makes YOU feel pretty. Unfortuantely theres no stopping that belly from growing. And they have jeans that are made especially for when your prego. SO just go for something comfy, cute, and that makes you feel good(and not trashy) adbout yourself.

  • I'm 16, congrats on your prego-ness!! I didnt want to have to buy a whole new closet full of clothes either but when i got bigger i didnt want to have to go into a materinty store too cuz all there clothes are for like to big. What i did was buy the super lowrise jeans and bought really cute long shirts. AS your belly gets bigger you find out that you cant really close your legs all that well so skirts are kind of out the window. If you dont want to stick with just jeans and your not a girly girl, (which i'm not) my mommy insticts said to me dresses are fine, and you can keep them for other stuff too like dates with your man or just to feel feminen. Go to your favortie stores and just buy things that are 1-2 sizes up eveytime YOU think you NEED new clothes. And trust me, sweats are your best friend. You'll be so tired sometimes that you wont even care so through on a cute shirt with it and hair and makeup so it looks good. Theres lots of ways to look good pregnant but most of all YOU want to FEEL good pregnant! Congrats again, i hope i could help.


  • Im 50 year old and havn my third babies. I like waering my sweats during the pregnancies.  when the twins came i tried to wear fancy clothes but i found them resstricting.  you will be cute no matter what you do honey.  be pround you are a yuong mom. 

  • hi im 19 as well and this is my second pregnancy but my frist one i had a miscarrage and me and my fiance were really upset so then we talked about and and decided to wait a lil longer to have kids so then i went on the pill but that did not work as i got pregnant again i was really supprized but i was really happy at the same time me and my fiance thought it was a singn from the baby saying that its was not realy its time to go. knw im 3 1/2 months along and i am feeling fine. the thing is though i dont have a lot of my cute close to fit me anymore and i dont want to look sporty in sweats and i want to keep wearing cute cloths that i have been wearing but knw i have a bigg belly at only 3 1/2 months can someone help me out as well?

  • Hi i'm 27 and this is my 2nd pregnancy.  For my first pregnancy, I didn't really gain any weight until I got near the end and went away a week after the baby was born. Big Smile For this one, I started gaining right away.  I'm in my eight month and can't fit anything. [:'(] My mom has helped out by buying me some of those legging type pants that stretch.  Wal-mart had a sale and she just loaded up.  (sometimes I will sneak and borrow some of her clothes, too).  At first I cried at all of the weight gain, but my husband tells me that I still look good and reminds that it will all go away when its over (hopefully).  Just try to be as comfortable as possible.  If you don't like sweats, try the stretchy clothes, they can be comfortable too.

  • Try buying a belly band.  You put it on with your regular clothes when you cannot button your jeans anymore.  My sister-in-law used hers quite a bit and loved it.

  • I'm 19 and expecting too :) I have found most of the stuff I like at target (suprisingly!) But I haven't had much luck with finding any cute maternity jeans. Thankfully, it will be summer and we can wear cute spring/summer dresses! I'm very thankful I'm due late summer, not winter!

  • Go to Old Navy...with my 1st pregnancy i got a lot jeans and tanks there. They were surprisingly the cutest and most comfy. And they were all under $30.00.  That was 2005/06 now i'm prego w/my second and i brought them all out and they are still cute. good luck

  • One good thing i found is look at the discount maternity cloths at Kohls or any other store. You can mix and match to make a cute outfit. During my first 4 months I didnt want to wear anything but pajamas and sweats because I felt terrible. Now I got lots of maternity cloths given to me from family members and in discount from stores. All my maternity shirts are showing my new baby belly

  • Target has things called bella bands and they work really well! .. and they arent expensive.  I am 19 as well and only 11 weeks. I wouldn't say I am showing but I am definitely comfortable in my jeans anymore.  When I bought one of these I was really happy with it. If you are looking to extend the use of your jeans and form fitting slacks like work pants, try one of these.  Leave your pants unzipped and unbuttoned and fold over the band. It keeps your pants up and it looks like a layered tank.

    Good luck all!