• I am 26 and expecting my first child Jan 12th 2011 I am so nauseous and was wondering if anyone had any good tips on easing the nausea. If so please let me know.Ick!

  • Crackers, Sprite, Gingerale.. those are the basic you will hear about. Also make sure you are not taking the vitamins on an empty stomach.. and anything Ginger will help you tons.
  • I sure do wish i had a magic solution for you. I wish I had one for me. Im 4months prego and my nausea and puking has yet to subside. I was told and read that in the 2nd tri it eases up but it hasnt. It can be very discouraging especially when your not showing and you havnt had an ultrasound and it just feels like ur sick for no reason even though theres a baby in there. Ive tryed everything that has been advised to me. Crackers before i lift my head off the pillow in the morning didnt work, i just puked up the cracker when i did get up. Sucking on candy didnt help. Eating regulary (every 2 hours) only helps sometimes. Im very sorry but i do feel your pain. Today ive been so sick that it feels like my first month all over again. I guess the best thing i can advise is trying to eat snacks througout the day. It eases the nausea some.

    Hope you feel better soon!