stretch marks

  • does anyone have any advice on how to reduce the appearance on stretch marks? i have them all over my thighs and i hate seeing them :(

  • I have found that there is really not much you can do about it...When I was pregnant with my first (my oldest daughter) I used co co butter (I don't think I spelled that right) and had her father help me apply it.  Not sure that it worked too well but the bonding with her dad was nice.  Hopefully I helped a little.


  • Well I have used palmers from about month 3 onward, and had none what so ever until this month (due august 8th), now I have 2 or three very small ones on the outside of my hips, and two patches of about 10 small jagged ones on both the undersides of my belly. However I will say that mine are WAY more mild than my mothers and both of my sisters, so maybe it did do at least something. And I have to say they do look much lighter when theyre hydrated with the palmers. Hope this helps :)