Hello, I'm a mother with a 4 yr old daughter (who is a handful, and pushing every button at the moment, that in itself is another topic  :-) and expecting twin boys in Nov.   My Dr. said since my daughter came 3 1/2 weeks early that my boys could come 5 wks early. Which is scary. But my questions are ..  What are anyones thoughts on childbirth?? My daughter was natural with no pain meds and quick.

 My Dr. said I have the option to choose C-section or natural, but suggest I get an epideral in case of an emergency C-section. I've never had an epi.. any thoughts on what my birth plan should be like??? We went to classes for my daughter, but haven't went this time. Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.   Also nursing twins.? I nursed my daughter, but trying to figure out what the best way to feed 2 is, and do they have to sleep in the same crib?? Everyone I've talked to says they slept together...  

Again, thanks for any thoughts/help.