questions for someone with experience???!!!

  • So I am definitely new at this whole pregnancy experience, and I have done my readings on information and other tips and things. And i came across the section on when people come up and touch your belly and when someone ALWAYS has something to say, whether it be tips for having the baby or comments on what i should and shouldn't do. And well the book says to just ignore the strangers and just let it go in one ear and out the other. Which i have been doing just fine. But here is my question....what do you do when there is one person in particular who wont back off and is way to over bearing? when no matter what you do she has some ridiculous comment or tip and you can tell she has no idea what she is talking about but you cant be rude because...(here it is) she is your new MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP ON GETTING HER TO BACK OFF! so for once i am actually asking for

    so any suggestions anyone???  Big Smile

  • Dealing with in-laws can be difficult, especially when they mean well. If the things she is saying are just harmless and mindless, then just let it roll off of your back. If, however, she is being overbearing and pushy, then you might just have to stand your ground, especially when you child is concerned. Many women who have had children think that they know what is best because they did it...this is far from the truth and new studies have us doing things a bit differently than our mothers did (putting babies back to sleep etc...). When my son was born, my mother in law tried to tell me that it was best to let him cry it out. He was just a week old and it hurt me to hear him cry...but she wouldn't relent. Finally I had to put my foot down and I told her that although I knew she thought I should let him cry, I just couldn't do it....not now at least. When he was older, I would work on firm bedtime rules etc, but for now I thought it was best to establish a trust between us. When he cried, I wanted him to know that I would be there....I wanted him to feel safe and secure. She understood where I was coming from and actually told me that she thought maybe I was right. Needless to say, she backed off. If all else fails, buy her a "What to Expect" book and maybe she will read it and get on the same page as you! Good are tricky.