Childbirth Classes

  • Question - I have 2 children now and had them both thru C-section and was told by my doctor that I will probably have this one thru C-section also. Knowing this, do you think i need to go to Childbirth classes or no? Don't they just teach u how to breath and push and all that stuff thru a vaginal delivery?

  • I would say that you don't need them. You know the drill by now, so why waste time and money. My wife is pregnant w our third and had her first two via C.We took classes prior to our first, but most of that information is useless with the planned C section. Good luck!

  • Yes, childbirth class teaches you mostly about the three stages of labor. There was only a small portion about c-sections. If you know for sure that you are going to have a c-section, don't even waste your time or money on childbirth class. Good luck!

  • I found the prepared childbirth class I attended useful even though I had a C-Section.  We went through the stages of labor part of the 1st day, but then discussed child safety, did infant CPR (since it's changed again), and proper breastfeeding techniques, new carseat design, etc.  There were several moms in the class that stated that it was a helpful refresher as many of the things they did with the first children are no longer recommended or changed.  It was offered free at my hospital.

  • I took a childbirth class and you are right they go over the different breathing methods and the pushing stage.    But I also remember the instructor touching up a little on what to expect if a C-section is needed, and when would a C-section be needed.

    Hope this helps!!

  • I am not sure about the hospital you will be having your c-section at, but at my hospital they offer a c-section class. If you take any class at all I would take that one. Not sure if you would want to take a class at all, especially if it will cost you time or money that you do not have. Probably a good idea to go through it as a refresher course since you have had two previouse c-sections.

  • I took a child birth class and had a vaginal delivery. I found that the class was a waste of my time. It teaches you breathing techniques, which I didn't really use because my water broke before I started having contractions and didn't go through all the stages. Plus, when your contractions get bad enough you will breath however the hell you want to! lol I don't think they touched on c-sections other than to say you would have an emergancy one if you or baby are distressed. Contact your hospitals education department and see if they, or any other local agency, offer classes that offer more information on c-sections.

  • Some hospitals offer birthing classes specifically for women who are planning to have a C-section. That might be worth looking into.. but then again, having already gone through 2 C-sections, you may not really need it. 

  • I agree with the comments before. You probably really wouldn't benefit much from a childbirth class since you have already had two previous C-Sections. Some classes to consider instead might be breastfeeding classes (if you didn't with the other two), Infant/Child CPR classes, or various parenting classes. These can be a great refresher if you have forgotten some of the materials that might be covered in those. Congrats!

  • I probably wouldn't take one unless it was specifically a c-section class. If this is a different facility than you used previously, you might ask if you can go for a tour though. Would your other children benefit from a sibling class?