the date almost here

  • i am 38 weeks i am due 8/19/2010

    i dont know what to do i am a first time mother i just need some help lady can you help meCrying

  • I am also a first time mom and I am 36 weeks pregnant! It's almost time but I'm more anxious than scared! I think truly you are never really ready for a baby but God doesnt give you anything you can't handle! Good luck! I wish you and your family the best! Big Smile

  • You will do great! We have all been there....if you need any advice or help, let me know. Good luck!

  • I just had my third child on May 18th.  I feel every delivery is different.  My fist child I was in labor for 9 hours.  My second child I was in labor for 6 hours, and my third child my labor was induced and I was only in labor for 4 hours.   For my first child I took a  "Parenting" class on Labor and Delivery.  It was great!!!  They teach you the different breathing methods for the that special day.  I think you would benefit from taking the class.  This way you can go in knowing what are your options when you are in labor. 


  • Hi, Im in my 35 week and also im a new mama.

    Take a deep breathe, play some relax music and lay on you bed. I know that at this moment you have many things to arrange for the arriving of the new baby. But this moment its to prepare you for the labor. Im exactly like i dont know what is going to happend, but the only thing that you could do right now its to mantain a positive mind, that everything is going to be just find.

    when you lay in your bed, grab you belly and think that you labor day will be very easy and that you can be able to tolerate the contractions.

    Dont stress if you dont have all the things for your baby, later you will find the time.