to get a bra or to not?

  • hi this is my first pregnacy and i guess.. ur boobs grow or ur body grows. i can totally feel a change with my current bras.. they hurt and i feel like im stuffing my body into it, so.... i was wondering if i should go out and buy a new bra.. i really dont wanna go out and spend extra cash on a new one if it all shrinks back to my original cup size. (which is a bummer LOL) or... should i just be cheap and wear none at all. lol

  • i went through the same thing when i was pregnant. i say go ahead and get one. as you get bigger your going to be more and more uncomfortable, theres no sense in your bra factoring in on that too.

  • It's totally up to you what you do, but I'd suggest buying some new bras, at least two to make it through the pregnancy.  If you're planning to breastfeed you'll probably have to buy more once the baby is born and your milk comes in.  With my first pregnancy I didn't need to buy any new bras because my chest didn't grow at all.  This time I've gone up a bit in the cup, but a lot in band size.  I can say that there may be a point where your old bras just won't work at all.  I went from a 36 band to a 42.  I know that my band size with shrink after the baby comes, I'm not sure about the cup size, but I'd rather spend a little bit of money and be comfortable then be in pain.

    Everything I've read and heard says that you should not "just be cheap"  If you go without a bra, your breasts are more likely to become saggy once your pregnancy is over.  They suggest wearing a bra at all times, even when you're sleeping.  Motherhood Maternity sells sleep bras for under $20.  Also, depending on your size, they may have a good selection of regular bras for around the same price.  If you go there, I highly recommend trying on everything you're considering.  They measured me, but none of their bras in that size would fit me.  I went back in the fitting room about 4 times before I found something that was comfortable.

    Anyway, good luck with your pregnancy!  I hope this info helps you out!

  • My wife actually came up with the great idea of wearing sports bras. She found them incredibly comfortable and she did not need to worry about buying new ones as her breasts grew because they stretch naturally. She even continued to use them when nursing because they were easy to pull out of the way for our daughter to reach her nipples.

  • I bought nursing bras because I knew I would be using them. The size is hard to get right though. I am barely an A cup and went to almost a D. The sports bra idea sounds pretty good.

  • I'm pregnant with my 2nd now and my boobs have barely grown. But I think that's because with my first I went from a C to a DD. I breast feed until he was 14 months (a long time I know but I wasn't a persistant wheaner) and I'm still a DD. I went with sports bras once I started to notice that I was getting to big for my regular bras then before he was born I got nursing bras. My best friend just had her little girl about 5months ago and she was a B when she started and is now a DD. Before the middle of her second trimester she was a DDD or an E. She didn't breast feed for very long. She got some new regular bras around 3 months but since she kept growing she had to keep buying new bras.

    I would go with a sports bra and keep in mind that every body is different and you could keep part of your boob growth after you have the baby.

  • I am also pregnant with my 2nd, and am just over 21 weeks into it and I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable with my bras.  However, I am doing what I did with my first pregnancy. . . instead of buying bigger regular bras, I bought EXTENDERS that hook on to the back of your bra to extend the length of the band.  With my first one, just extending the back made all the difference, even if the cup size did increase.  Then, just before I had the baby, I went out and spent the money on a few nursing bras.

    As for the sports bras, they may feel comfortable, but I was told by my OB/GYN that they decrease the milk flow.  Infact, when I was having blood pressure problems and they told me to stop breast feeding and get more sleep and take care of myself, they told me to wear sports bras for a few days and that would dry up my milk - and it did.  So, I would just be careful with the sports bras or get another opinion.

  • thanks everyone for your help :)

  • Our pleasure AznBabyGrl. Did everything work out for you?

  • Go buy some bras!!! I have a 10 month old and am still wearing my bra's I bought when I was pegnanat! I just now am starting to see that they are getting a little big but my regular bras are still a little small!!


  • No it would be better to just get a new one bcuz i had to do the same thing for my pregnancy right now, it will make you feel so much better and comfortable once you have it and have put it on for a few days.

  • Get at least a couple as your size changes - one to wash, one to wear.  Most likely, you'll wear them again (what goes up usually comes down!).  Just make sure they are good, supportive bras - you may even want to go ahead and get nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed.

  • I Have a 4 year old he will be five in march and as everyone said everyone is different but I went from a 34 c to a 36 dd i only went down to a 36 d when i stopped breast feeding i still wear some of the 36 dd on the smallest hook size i'm am now 14 weeks with my second and i'm growing again...But i will say that towards the end your breast will probably be sore and if you beast feed they will be at first and then again when you whine the baby, from getting engored. The best advice i can say is got to wal-mart or target and get some fairly cheaps ones two at least that fit now so if you need to buy larger later it wont really hurt the bank. A well fitting bra can make all the difference in your day, also another big one if your bra doesn't fit right it will cause back problems which on top of a possibly achy back from baby weight isn't a good thing...I promise i'm not trying to scare you into anything but this i stuff i wish i had known for my first one.

  • I say buy a few bras. I am expecting my first child and with a few months I was noticing discomfort with the bras I was currently wearing. I was a DD with a very small chest size and bras are very hard to find, however the discomfort became to much..... So i bought a few to get me through. So far I am up to a DDD. (Not as excited as some people have been) I have been told and read that breasts continue to grow through out so I didn't go crazy just bought ones that worked. I tried sports bras but if you have a larger chest you might need more support.