Anyone else feel like a ticking time bomb?!

  • I am 37 weeks 2 days and I feel like my little boy will NEVER get here! I swear, it feels like these last few weeks are taking longer to pass than the entire 9 months! I'm so tired of being pregnant, not having any energy to do anything, and I am SO BEYOND ready to have my insides back to normal and back to myself! What makes it all worse is every week when I go to the doctor and get checked, there is no progress. Even though baby's head is bearing down as hard as can be, my cervix is locked up and closed tighter than a maximum security prison!! Anyone else feeling the home-stretch-countdown-blues? What helps you take your mind off of it? I'M GOING CRAZY!! Sad

  • This post is a riot! Don't worry! Your little boy will enter the world soon! You made it 37 and 1/2 weeks and the wait is almost to an end. I know it is uncomfortable, but once you see your little boy, everything will be worth it. Try walking. This will help bring labor on and position your baby for impending delivery. I loved guided medidation during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Also, nothing beats some good music, a bath, and a great book! Good luck! And Congrats!

  • I know it gets rough and you want him  out but he will be here sooner than you know. Try to take advantage of some things you can do before he gets here because once he arrives it will be harder I'm sure. Let him bake as long as he can, as long as there's no risk for either of you it's fine. I'm 33 weeks and always find myself trying to prevent from saying "I can't wait till she gets here" because I really can and I get scared of saying it because then I think something bad will happen since I want to be so inpatient. Use these last few weeks to talk to him more and let him know how excited you are to meet him and all the family and friends that are waiting to greet himBig Smile. Trust me I know the further we get the more we just want it over(for lack of a better word) but he will be with you soon enough. Walking will definitely help and if you aren't high risk then get a little more "frisky" it does help. Best of luck and congrats on the new lil man in your life.