• OMG!!! i'm so excited ive been showing now for a little while now and my baby kicked for the first time last night it was so amazing. I didnt know what was happening and then i realized that it was the baby kicking. YAY!!!! Big Smile

  • It is an amazing feeling. I thought I had gas or something at first but no, its my precious cargo.

  • lol :) i didnt know what i thought it was i was just super shocked so thats why i placed my hand there and after i felt it i asked my lil sister to feel and she didnt :(

  • When I first felt him move I thought it was gas too. My mil told me that I was crazy and couldn't feel anything because I was only 15 wks. Well my little boy is active and I felt. Isn't the feeling great!!! Wait until he/she gets stronger. He kicks me and it feels as if he is knocking to let me know he is there. I laugh. The hiccups are a great feeling too. He moves so much for me but the moment I tell someone to feel he stops. He likes to play games already. Luckily for my sister she got to feel him kick the other day and it freaked her out. I'm 28 wks and it has been amazing journey. Good luck to you and I hope you have kicking and more luck to others to feel your baby move. Big Smile

  •  I was in the middle of grocery shopping when I first felt the baby kick! I stopped dead in my tracks and shouted "OMG! THE BABY JUST MOVED!" at my husband. It must have been so funny to see us have our little "awww" moment in the middle of the cereal aisle! Smile It's such a great feeling! It can get a little bit uncomfortable and sometimes painful when they get bigger though. It can really knock the breath out of you when they karate kick you in the ribs or lungs!

    And dpullo925, my little man does the EXACT same thing! Even now that I'm almost at the end of my pregnancy, sometimes when I want someone else to feel him move he immediatly freezes! It's like he knows what I'm saying when I tell someone to feel him! Stubborn like his daddy already! Big Smile

  • lol yea they can be pretty stubborn.... i just found out today that im having a boy and lil man refuse to let me get a good pic of his face he kept covering his face with both his hands :(

  • thanks! i just found out that its going to be a boy and already he is very stubborn because he wouldnt let them get a good picture or mommy.