Going Back to School

  • Hey Mommies,

    I just wanted some people opinion on do you think going to school at 24 weeks pregnant is a smart idea. I am about to start a community school and my classes are far apart in different areas of the school. I got half the people telling me to just wait until the semester is over, then i have another half saying i will be okay. Do you guys think its smart to go if i get tired very easily and this is my first child.



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  • Hello,

    I would say that its very do-able.  I took classes at the community college this summer.  When I started them I was already 26 weeks along.  I didn't think it was too bad. The second trimester of pregnancy is easier on the body so I would take advantage of the time before your baby arrives!  If you are worried about the distance between classes, it's a good way to continue to get exercise.  Light exercise actually gives you more energy than taking it away.

    Plus, I'll tell ya, if you sit at home all day every day, you'll get really bored!! I'm doing late start classes for the fall semester because I am due anyday now :) so that means I sit at home all day and basically do nothing while everyone is at work or school... not so much fun.

    I hope my experience helps,


  • I, personally would advise you to continue with school as long as possible. It is so much harder to get motivated to return to school after having a baby then it is to push through. As far as getting tired easy, you are not going to be any less tired once the baby has arrived, just talk to your teacher's on the first day of class I think you'll find that most, if not all of them will be more than understanding if you run a little late on occasion because you had to stop and take a break, eat, pee, all that good stuff, or even if you have to miss a day due to pure exhaustion. Just be sure to find someone to take notes for you and keep open communication with teachers so you don't miss a day when a test or vital information is being given. 

    But, in the end only you know how far you can push yourself, perhaps you could get ahold of teachers before semester starts and get a better idea of the work load you are looking at and decide from there if you think you can handle it. Best of luck with school and the soon-to-be  little one. 

  • Congrats and as long as you are having a healthy pregnancy and doc gives you the green light I'd say go ahead. I was finishing up my degree when I became pregnant. I finished up the semester I was in and then said I'd go back once the baby was born since I was going to stay home a little bit. Well that little bit I stayed home was 1 year on newborn leave so that was plenty of time to get my school work in full or part time since my mother in law was there.....well for that whole year I did nothing but stay home with the baby and returned to work when she was a year old and returned to school 5 years later on line and didn't go steady either now pregnant again still taking courses online, dropped my summer course where I should have taken advantage of taking 2 courses since I was home but didn't and now registered for fall that starts next month and the baby is due the following month, fun huh??? Bottom line as long as you're up to it and motivated to do it keep up with it. Good luck.

  • I am only 11 weeks pregnant and go to nursing school. I have 8-12 hours days on my feet in the hospital 2 days a week and 2 days a week of lecture classes. I will finish school at 36 weeks which includes 2 1/2 weeks of full time nursing work. I say go for it - keep at your education. I took classes while pregnant with my other 2 children as well.