level 2 ultrasound....nervous

  • i had an ultrasound on wed and they called back the next day to schedule a level 2 ultrasound the following week because they couldnt see part of the baby...which is what they were doing at the original ultrasound, im soo nervous because everything that ive read about says that they normally are looking for abnormalities  in a level 2 ultrasound... has anyone else had one of these before??

  • I'm getting one too. I was told that they want to make sure everything is growing properly and this the ultrasound your partner should go to. you see everything.  also you find out the sex if you want to know.

  • he is deff going with me, the doctor said that in the 1st ultrasound they couldnt see some things so they did the 2nd one this past week because im further along but then they called the very next day to schedule me this upcoming week because they couldnt see things again and the tech made the misstake of saying that its unusual that the baby was head down and this is my first so its making me soo nervous that they keep not seeing what needs to be seen. im just nervous...

  • i am due with my second and am hi risk because of baby not me, he has 3 seperate congenal heart defects so we have had ultra sound after ultra sound, i would try not to freak to bad yet, if they cant see something on the baby they will usualy wait a little (a week is commen) and then have you do another one so they can try again they do this because when the baby is laying in certain positions you cant see certain parts of the baby they might have u do a few waiting for baby to move before they come to any conclusions, they like to be thuro. As far as being head down i have no idea my daughter was head down from about 25 weeks on but i have no idea what is normal, i do know its harder to see certaion things in a ultra sound if baby is head down, i got asked this last time if they had seen my babys left arm before because they could see no part of it. If your worried about it ask the doc they are usualy really good and understanding about questions they know pregnancy can be scary especaly when they ask you to do things that they dont do with everyone. Hope this helps and feal free to ask any questions

  • Congrats on being pregnant! I had a level 2 ultrasound with baby number 4, who is now almost two months old. I had an abnormal AFP result.....increased risk for down's syndrome in baby. I was 20 weeks along when the u/s was done. The ultrasound did not show physical signs of Down's, only amnio would prove definitive. I opted out of Amniocentesis because of the risk of miscarriage. Because even if my son had been born with Down's, I would love him regardless. Well, as I mentioned, he is now almost 2 months old and no Down's Syndrome. The blood test result was wrong. I thank God. I'm sure your u/s will prove to be just fine. Good luck.

  • Anas1059,

    Don't fretConfused. A level 2 is less invasive than amnio as stated by momof4xy and it just allows the tech to look at a more in depth picture of the baby. With my 1st I did level 2 sonos every month because of a positive AFP and I refused the amnio due to the risks and the results would not change my mind either. Remember doctors are all about precaution. Anything that looks off to them or shall I say not along the norm they are going to want to investigate. With one of my sonos they had me come back earlier because it looked as if something wasn't going on incorrectly with the placenta. I was scared and nervous but you know what...all was well and at birth I delivered a healthy 7 pd 13 oz baby girl. You will have plenty of mixed feelings and hormones going crazy. You will also find yourself questioning the doctor which is all normal. Enjoy your pregnancy and try to stay as stress free as possible. Congrats and good luck.