Induction Anxiety

  • I am schedualed to be induced this Saturday (11th) at 6 am. While I am so excited to meet my little man, I am also extremely terrified!! I been having this roller coaster of emotions for like the past week, back and forth between excitement and completely overwhelmed at the idea of labor and what is going to happen the first time I am left completely alone with him. (This is my first and my mom and husband will only be there the first week. They both have to return to work.) Everyone in my family continues to be very supportive, but  for the first time in my entire pregnancy I've really discovered just how much motherhood literally scares the crap outta me! I'm trying to hold myself together and not stress out so much, but it's hard. I can't sleep; (not that I've been sleeping that well anyway, what with the frequent pee trips and it being very hard to get in and stay in a comfortable positon), I've been completely on edge, unintentionally snapping at everyone, crying for no reason.....I'm a regular wrecking ball of hormones!! And I keep hearing all these pre and post partum depression horror stories and that also worries me. I don't want to have to go through something that terrible.

    Gah, it sounds like I'm pushing a little into hypochondriac territory!

    I guess mainly I just need the reassurance that I'm normal and that there are others out there that are kind of freaking out as well! (Or that have in the past, for all you that have been through it before!) It'd be awesome to hear from some of you. Hopefully it will help put me at ease!

    Thanks! Smile

  • Your feelings are completely normal! Parenthood is definitely scary for everyone, and if you feel like you need more support, you should have it (beyond friends and family, there are many support groups for new Moms and Dad). Whenever I felt overwhelmed in any aspect of parenting, I simply thought to myself that before humans could read, write or talk, they were able to successfully give birth to and raise their children. You have many advantages over parents of any other age considering how much information and support you have at your fingertips through sites like this. Don't worry... you know what to do and you will do a great job! Congratulations and good luck!

  • MommiBear,

    Congrats, you've probably already had your little one and he's either in your arms or you are resting, or you are actually still in labor which makes sense as well. Your feelings are perfectly normal. Tons of women are scared and nervous and don't know if they will be good moms or not. You are definitely not alone. I was 24 with my first and don't recall having those feelings  but I did have alot of family although at the time I lived about 30 min from my nana and 45+min from my mom I survived. You just do what you have to for you and the new addition. I did however have my husband there with me not to say that he was a big help since we we're both 1st time parents but it didn't bother me. I had an aunty that was about 20-30 min away that would come over often. I do remember being afraid to bathe her when we came home and I remember my mom and aunty came over that weekend and gave her a bath and told me  I have to bathe her she will not breakBig Smile. It's a great learning experience and before you know it you'll be ready to do it againBig Smile. If you do find that it's becoming overwhelming then talk to your ob and she can give you some referrals. Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed. It is totally normal and if you do find you are having a hard time then you'll want to get all the help you need for the both of you. I'm sure you will be a perfect mommy and once that little one is in your arms he'll help ease your worries. Good Luck.