baby's gender.

  • About a week ago i went for my second ultrasound. I found out the baby's gender and its a BOY! Big Smile I felt different the next day...I'm not sure why? It was a good kind of different though. Any who, I've been trying to find cute & not too expensive newborn boys shoes or a little bigger & i can't find any. Any ideas on where to look?

  • I found these cute little boy socks that look like shoes and they come in lots of colors. This is the best, because babies don't really keep shoes on their feet too well. Target also sells soft shoes that look cute and stay on pretty well. Congratulations on your little boy!!!
  • awe i think I've seen those.  and that is true. thank you very much Smile


  • shopping online is great too, or if you have a nike/addidas outlet nearby they have awesome prices for shoes expensive everywhere else.  We got some really cool nike shox for $10!! what a steal vs 30-50 everywhere else like fred meyers or khols.  Carters is awesome too.

  • The Vanns stores also cary baby vanns!

  • im in illinois near chicago

  • that is a steal, i'll try finding one thankss

  • oh okay vans are cute, thanks