Breech Baby

  • I am almost 29 weeks along. My baby is breech and has remained in the exact same position since my ultrasound at 20 weeks. I'm concerned she won't turn. When are babys normally in the head-down position and at what point should I just accept that she is going to stay breech?

  • Hi, I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my second baby.  My daughter (now 4) was breech throughout my entire pregnancy and I wound up having a c-section after my water broke (around 38 weeks)  At that time my OB-GYN said that my daughter was running out of room to turn around 36 weeks.  This baby was breech at 20 weeks as well, we're getting an ultrasound on Tuesday to determine if my low-laying placenta has migrated and to determine his position.  This time around my OB-GYN (new one) said that the baby can move at any point in time, right up to delivery time.  However, they also suggested that I schedule my c-section "just in case"  I haven't done that yet, waiting to see what this ultrasound reveals.  I'm pretty sure my little one is still breech, but we'll see.

    If it helps, I've read that only 3% of babies remain breech at delivery time.  My doctor quoted this figure at 1%, so I'm not sure which is accurate.  Anyway, I wouldn't give up hope just yet.  If your doctor will let you, go ahead and schedule your c-section, but let them know that if baby flips you do not want it.  My doctors actually told me to do that.  Anyway, I hope that this info is at least helpful to you, if not totally reassuring.  Good luck and I hope your baby flips!Smile

  • Just to let you know, I had my ultrasound this past week and my baby has switched to the head-down position already!  Now I just have to hope he stays that way...