Depressed mama to be

  • Hi everyone,

      I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first child.  Over the last 2 months I have been severely depressed.  I have talked to my OB about it and I also have a therapist and Psycitrist.  I have been actively seeking help for my depression and do my best to cope with it.  I know that my depression and anxiety are not good for the baby and I am hoping I can get some advice from other moms about what to do about it. 

    I am also looking for a support group so if you know any please let me know.  Also, if you're going through the same thing send me an email so we can talk with eachother about it.  I'm new to this website so if you can't email me through the site let me know and I will send you my regular email address.  Hope to feel better soon and excited to hear from you all.

    p.s. please don't leave negitive remarks as it will not help out my situation.  Thank you for understanding.













  • Hi Ambria,

      It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who is/has gone through this.  I feel so guilty for feeling depressed.  Thanks for the advice.  I do my best to stay busy and it helps most of the time.  My email is and I would greatly appriciate any information you have.  Thanks for the reply.


  • You are most definitely not alone. I applaud you for recognizing that you are depressed and seeking the help you need. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open with your doctor and psychiatrist. They can help you through this time. Also talk to them about support groups in your area...they are most definitely women going through this very thing. You can also try meditation and yoga to help you get your mind in better balance. Also, talk to your doctor about exploring other alternatives such as acupuncture, prenatal massage, or aromatherapy. In conjunction with the medical treatment you are receiving and closely monitored by your doctor, these alternative therapies can help.
  • Thank you MommyRN.  I am currently looking into support groups and trying to find some local prenatal yoga.  I am excited to feel better soon! 17.5 more weeks to go!

  • Hi, My name is Monique, and I'm from Delaware.  I'm going thru the same thing sorta, but I'm looking at baby number 3. I have a 6 year old, and a 3 years old already.  Things have been rough for me, because my hubby and I have debates on other things, which make me more depressed than I normally would be.  I actually reached out to a couple of groups in my town in order to have other females to speak with about how I feel.  The feelings that I have are those of not feeling appreciated by my spouse, not being much of a great mom to my children who are already here, and other issues with my body and having a third child.  I'm very open about my situation because I feel that I'm not the only one who deals with this, and I know that someone would suggest something that worth my time.  I have been a strong woman for a long time now, and for me to feel so helpless is new for me, and I don't know how I should deal with it.  In showing you that you aren't alone in feeling depressed, I hope that someone might also offer me some advice as well..

    You are not alone Karen,



  • Hi! I am very new to this site as well. My name is Maureen, I am 42 years old and am 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. It came as a huge shock and surprise to both myself and my boyfriend of 11 years - as we thought I couldn't have children. I have also experienced a great deal of depression since I found out. I have had to deal with depression over the last few years for different reasons - but this is different and more severe and I don't know why. I am excited about the baby - it's not that. 

    I would love to hear from other people and any suggestions/feedback that anyone can give - and I am more than happy to help out other people as well. It was nice to see that I am not the only one going through this.



  • Hey Maureen...Congrats on the baby... I'm so happy for you, because I know that age your age it can be difficult to have a child.  My aunt had a child as well at 45 years old, so I know its possible. Not sure if you read my post, but I feel depressed too... Today was actually the first day that I felt great.  I had the day with just me and my son, and spoke to my daughter who is away with grandma. I know that I can get better, I just need positive, selfless people to speak with. 

    Again congrats on the baby... I'm 17 weeks by the way.

  • Hi Maureen,

      I am in a similar situation.  After I was about 16 weeks (I'm now almost 23) my depression went spinning out of control.  It's the hormones.  I'm excited for my baby as well but these hormones are insane!  Now I'm kind of afraid I will never get back to normal.  Something that has really been helping me lately is talking to my therapist.  She has been giving me pointers on how to deal with my depression and/or episodes that occur.  I suggest finding a local therapist and talking about your issues with her.  I don't even necessarly talk about the baby with her but just problems that I feel like are making me depressed.  I would love to talk further if you would like.  My email is


  • hi! I'm soon to be a mommy too. When I found out I was pregnant I was pretty depressed as well to the point that I had cruel images going through my head, but I think that might be because like you I didn't expect to get pregnant (I was using a contraceptive tht failed). Anyway, as time went by it got better and seeing the first sonogram helped as well with realising and facing this new little wonder happening within me.

    At the moment I'm in another country with the family I'm joining with and we can't communicate because I speak english n they speak French, and he's not aware of my existance unless I'm in his face or people ask about the baby and wanna know more... That gets me down a bit. I'm glad he's having a good time and I think I've been good. I didn't complain about it or anything, just sat through it like a dummy and smiled. Who knows what they are saying but I'm too tired to try and keep up with it. I don't think he would ever understand. I call his parents mine , but theres atill a barrier between my parents and him. its still formal. Atleast , I accept them as my own. I don't think he can say anything that would support him strong enough to make me feel bad for wanting to be alone sometimes while with his family. I'm going on... this sort of helps , I could go on as though Im talking to myself and have a laugh for being secretly whiny but I don't wanna bore you too.

    I hope you feel better, and that this depression is just a lil phase rather than a struggle.

  • I applaud all of you for sharing these stories. Depression can be very difficult to admit and defeat, especially when adding the physical and emotional toll pregnancy can take. You made the most important first step: admitting there's a problem and doing something about it. Thanks for sharing this, and for all of those who have responded, I admire all of you. Best of luck.

  • Hi everyone! 

    I apologize for not responding sooner.  I don't always have time  to get on the computer. I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my post.  I still have strong feelings of depression at times and have absolutely no desire to do anything - I go to work and come home - thats it. And I know that's not good but I just don't have the energy for anything else. I am still feeling very sick and totally exhausted at the end of the day, yet I can't seem to stay asleep at night.  Are there any others out there who are feeling or who have felt this way at some time??

    Thanks for listening!


  • This could be your hormones going in overdrive or something else entirely. Talk to your Dr. See if they want to prescribe you anxiety or anti-depressant medicine. This is not an ideal situation for everyone, but if it is severely disrupting your pregnancy, you may want to look to that option. Your baby can feel everything you can, and you don't want the baby  entering into this world stressed. Of course there are other natural options. Think about why you are feeling depresse first. Then try some options that either interest you or that you want to try, as long as they are safe for your pregnancy.

    Yoga is excellent

    try writing, for every negative you write down, try finding something positive

    join a social group or a mommy's group

    excercise is often the best medicine for depression