Pregnant and freakin!!

  • Hi my name is Desere' I'm new here and about 21 weeks ago found out I was and still am pregnant! I'm loving it! I'm having a little boy and his name is going to be Liam. The only thing is I'm really scared about getting an epidural. My minds set on getting one, I'm just really scared of getting it. How its going to feel. Im more freaked out about the epidural than giving birth! Is that werid?? If women who's had and epidural can tell me about it that'd be wonderful.

  • hi desere, my name is ambria and im 22 and i have a 2yearold daughter. i had a epi and i know what you mean i was scared out my mind but when i got it the feeling wasn't as bad as i thought. it starts off like a little pench sting for a few sec but it works so quick you wont feel anything after that. if you can have someone distract you  like nothings going on and its not that bad.. you would be glad you got one becaude that moment of a epi is better that hours of painful contractions. where do you live?

  • the contractions to me were alot worse then getting the epi, it was such a relief!

  • The epidural isn't so bad...I have had 4 of them and it feels like a pinch and then some pressure. Usually at the time you are contracting, so that pretty much occupies all of your attention and before you know it, the epidural is in. At that point you are usually so happy to have some pain relief from the contractions, that you could care less what the epidural is doing!!! It isn't bad, don't lose any sleep over it. Once the baby gets here---it is all worth it.
  • The epidural is what I would call bittersweet.  The bitter part lasts maybe 5-10 seconds and then the sweet.....AHHHHH you will thank GOD for anesthesiologists after you get it.  It is like having a horrible headache that finally is relieved from the medicine you took!!!  lol

  • I completely agree. Think being afraid of the epidural is weird? I was more afraid of the IV! I hate needles, lol. Believe me, once you're in the throws of such an experience as child birth, him being here will be all that matters and you won't care what it takes to see you through to that point.
  • Hi Desere', I had my daughter 7 weeks ago & I honestly thought the epi was a breeze. I was having back labor so I got mine pretty early in. It was a little pinch & then it felt kind of weird when they were pushing the cath up. By the point that you need it, you wont mind a little discomfort to get to the relief!