Naming my baby

  • I'm 35 weeks pregnant and im having a boy. I want to name my son Daelen James williams but my babies father wants him named after him. Frank James Williams. However, my child father  last name is not williams that's my last name. He wants a JR without actually being name after him or HIM SIGNING the birth certificate. What do i do. His family dnt like me and convinced him i would file for child support if the baby has his last name or if he sign the birth certificate. I'm soo hurt but i want to do what's best for me and my child without running his father away. ANY ADVICE????????

  • That's rediculous of him not to sign the birth certificate because then he won't have any rights to his child. Its only my opinion but if he wants to be a part of the child's life he should sign the birth certificate. If you don't want him to be around and see his child then the best thing he can do for you is not to sign the birth certficate. 

     I was going to name my son Dylan but at the last minute I changed it to Henry. I can understand him wanting to have his name but maybe he can have Frank as his middle name and James as the first name. I like the name James or you could give in and write his name as Frank James Williams on the birth certificate and then call him James. Who is really going to know what it really says on the birth certificate lol I think it benefits you to have your son have your last name if you and his Dad arent married. My son has my last name because me and his father are just bf and gf. I think if I ever brake up with his father it will be much easier for henry to have my last name. Anyway hope this helps. Good luck. I know this stuff can be difficult.

  • Personally, if the father of the baby is refusing to sign for paternity or give him his last name, I'd just do what you think is best for the baby. I don't think he gets to make some decisions about your child's life but not take responsibility for helping create the life. He already has his middle name, so it's not like you are leaving him out entirely. Sorry for all the drama you are having to go through - hugs.
  • If your baby's father does not want to sign the birth certificate or give him his last name, then I think you should name him what you want to name him. If your baby's father ends up not being a part of his life, then you will be glad you chose to name him the name you loved. No matter what you name him, it should not "run" your child's father away. Personally, if choosing to name your baby something else "runs" your boyfriend away, then I think you have your answer.