Need Opinion On A Name

  • I have been hung up on a girl name ever since I got pregnant. It's between Charlotte Noelle (my fiance likes) or Autumn Noelle. I am personally liking Autumn more. Thoughts?

  • That's how I was when I first got pregnant. I didn't think of any boys names and I only thought of girls names and I'm having a little girl :] We're naming her Macy Drew.

     Those names of both really cute but I do like Autumn more. But either way their both cute. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!! Smile

  • I like Autumn more as well.

  • I like the way Charlotte Noelle sounds better than Autumn Noelle. Good luck.

  • Thanks, I am really thinking Autumn is the name and I figured I could call her Addy for short. Congrats on your pregnancy as well, Macy Drew is an adorable name!

  • I would say definately Autumn... it is a cute name and i do not know many people that have it

  • I think both are really pretty names - it's too hard to decide! Either way you go, congrats! :-)