• Question?  If most Americans are overweight, then why are there not cute maternity clothes for the PLUS size women?  Yeah, there are Plus size departments but the selection is slim to none! 

    I am having to buy just bigger Plus size clothes, nothing that fits.  UGH! 

    Just frustrated.

  • So frustrating! If you want to try to make the regular plus sized clothing work, you can always try to wear leggings and then do some tops that are empire waist. These types of clothes tend to work if you are pregnant or not. I did Google "plus sized maternity" and come up with some websites like plusmommaternity and plusmaternity. Maybe you could give those a try and order through the mail? Hope this helps!

  • Have you tried JC Penney, Destination Maternity or Target? I agree though, selection is really bad. Sad

  • I have two Maternity long sleeve shirts from Target but they are faded because I bought them 7 years ago when I had my first child.  I still wear them because they are comfortable.

    I decided to shop at the Avenue where I normally get my clothes from and just buy a bigger size.  The clothes are still stylish and comfortable.  They have good prices and I actually went the Wed before Thanksgiving and received the same sales that they offered on Black Friday.  I bought two long sleeve shirts and a sweater for less than $34.  I have bought three pairs of pants at Walmart in my normal size but they are stretch material for under $15 a piece.  They are comfortable and work just fine. 

    Good Luck to the rest of you trying to find Maternity clothes for Plus Size Women.  There really is not a good selection for us.

  • Glad you got some great Black Friday deals - it's always a killer when you have to shell out too much money for maternity clothes. I wish there was a better selection of plus sized stuff out there for everyone...maybe if you write some companies, they will listen to your suggestions!
  • I have also found that Old Navy has a Plus size maternity section and motherhood.  Motherhood is a little pricier but I have heard they run good sales some times and have really good quality clothes.

    P.S. I was thinking the same thingWink