A funny question from a mom that don't know

  • Can you tell what your having by the heartbeat? I want to know cause my ex's wife was telling me that you can tell but I don't think she is right. help want to know. my baby's heartrate is ranging between 150 and 170 at the moment if that tells you anything.

  • No you can't tell by the heartbeat.

  • I bet you are having a girl.  I had two boys and one girl.   My boys' heart rate was like around 180, and my daughter's heart beat was like 150-160.  I don't know if it is true for every baby, but that was how it was for me.

  • Wives tales say that 140 and below is a boy 140 and above is a girl... I say that would be pink in your future :)

  • I've read that it's an old wives's tale.  I'm having a boy and his heartbeat has been around 150 at each of my visits.  Best of luck!

  • The thing about wife's tales, is that they all have a 50% chance of being right! Flip a coin and it has the same chance of being correct in predicting your baby's gender.

  • I wish you could tell from the heartbeat! Unfortunately, the heart rate of the baby isn't a reliable way to tell the sex of the baby. How many weeks are you? I hope time passes quickly until you get that ultrasound that tells you boy or girl! :-)

  • You can not tell by the heartbeat. My daughter was 180 and stayed that way only dropped a little. I am pregnant again and this time with a boy he was 178 in the begining and now is 140-150. 

  • If only it were that easy to tell what you are having!!! Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the ultrasound or until the big day to find out for sure!! Congratulations though!