ending the first trimester & its time...

  • I am on my 11th week now, and it's getting past the scary time of a possible miscarriage . I feel now that i am ready to tell the family about my pregnancy. Although many friends, and my younger brother knows, i have yet to tell my mom, dad and my boyfriends parents/family. So, we made the decision to tell my mom tonight. She is in town for the holidays and we are going last minute shopping & then off to dinner. I am hoping that I can tell her the news over dinner.  I am somewhat nervous of her reaction Huh?, although I know that she will be supportive as well. WISH ME LUCK

    My boyfriend and I also decided that we will tell his family on Christmas day after dinner and presents. I dont want to be the one to tell them (because i'm nervous) so, he agreed to be the one to say it. I'll just sit in silence and hope that i see smiles and not tears Tongue Tied .

    Any advice on how to begin the conversation with mom and my boyfriends family?

  • I don't really have any suggestions for starting the conversations. I guess I've always just been very up-front with my family. I am very excited for you though and I hope it all goes well. Hopefully you will feel relieved once it's all out in the open. Good luck!!

  • If you are unsure of how they will react, I would lean towards telling them in private. This may make it easier for them to voice their concerns or at the very least process the information. If you aren't worried that there will be a negative reaction, then you can always wrap up a Christmas ornament that says "Baby #1 Due: July 2011!". It may be nice to receive the information in private though, so that you can all talk about things comfortably and without pressure. Either way, LaraRN is right....you will all be relieved once it is all out in the open.

  • I don't have all the answers but I just want to encourage you and tell you that in many circumstances, the anticipation and anxiety of the problem is worse than the actual reaction. I hope it goes well for you. I'd just be up front and honest and tell your mom that you have a special conversation you need to have with her and go from there. Let us know how it goes!

  • I'm hoping it all went well, to tell you the truth i was really afraid to tell my father when i first found out i was pregnant. He wanted me to go through schooling and get settled before bringing a baby into this world, but when i broke the news he simply said, "what took you guys so long?" My husband was in the marine corps for the last 4 years and is finally home for good, guess my dad thought 5 months of being home was too long lol. Hope your pregnancy is going as well as mine, im also 11 weeks going on 12. :) 



  • So how did it go? Were they excited to hear your news?