1st time pregnancy

  • This is my first time pregnancy and I am really scared. I am currently 8 weeks and goto my first prenatal check up next week. Can anyone tell me if Dr will ok an ultrasound? Any tips on how to stay calm?

  • Congrats! Pregnancy can be exciting but nerve wracking too. I hope your first check up goes really well. A lot of doctors do an ultrasound as a way to confirm pregnancy and see how far along you are by measuring the baby. Some doctors simply do a urine or blood test to confirm pregnancy and go by the date of your last period as a way of dating the baby. I hope you get an ultrasound, though. It so fun to see the baby growing inside you. :-)

    Staying calm is easier said than done but I would just encourage you to go and get some books or videos on pregnancy and start reading them so you know what to expect as much as possible. Also, getting a journal and writing to your baby about your feelings and what you hope for them, dream for them, how you are preparing for them, etc is a great way to get some of your emotions out. It is also fun for your child to read later! Hope this helps - let us know how the first appointment goes.

  • first off, congratulations!

    your doctor should give you an ultrasound anytime soon, to check the measurements and confirm your due date. you should also be getting another ultrasound around your 18-20th week for gender determination and measurements. it's really a great experience!

    this is my first pregnancy, and i'm almost 39 weeks now. i worried a lot towards the beginning, but if you focus on the miracle of a baby growing inside of you, and just appreciate everything, you should be fine. 

    also, don't worry so much about purchasing everything right away. i'd wait until you're around halfway there because it really just piles up and you become impatient. 

    i hope everything is going well for you and your little one!

  • Hi my name is Neishia I don't believe they do ultrasounds that soon. But you can ask the dr. that you just want to make sure the baby is fine and they might do one for you. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child and I'm 27yrs old. With my 1st child I was nervous, scared, and etc. Just take deep breaths, think about having this precious, blessed gift you are having. Once you get far along on go to your dr. appts. you are going to be so excited. I'm 31wks now and I'm so happy and excited waiting on my lil girl to arrive. So if you have anymore ?'s I will try my best to answer them.

  • Congratulations! I think the greatest cause of fear is simply the unknown. I agree with the suggestion to read books and watch videos. I would also add that taking childbirth or parenting classes is a great way to become more knowledgable about the whole process. The more you know, the less you will have to fear. What parts are you most concerned about right now?

    I think you will just have to wait to talk with your doctor about the ultrasound. Where I live, it just varies as to whether the doctor feels it is medically necessary at that time and also whether insurance will pay for more than one. Let us know how your appointment goes!

  • Hi Neishia Im Gemma! Thanks for your advise, and congrats on baby number 4!!!! You're probably an expert at this pregnancy thing by now.... I'm sure number 2 is always easier than the first one because u have a good idea about what to expect rest assure I will have plenty more ?s for you
  • Yea after havin the 2nd one and the and third one and now the 4th one it becomes alot easier. So yea ask me right away or we can talk on the phone as well

  • Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I am about 6-7 weeks and had an appt with my drs nurse today. I have the actual appt next week, and they told me i get a Paps and the ultrasound.

  • I am also a new mom and this is my 1st. I am only 7weeks pregnant. I am also very scared and dont know exactly what to do at times. Did you make it to your first apt? How did it go? what kinds of questions did you ask? my 1st apt is coming up and im not sure what to do  or what to ask.

  • Well ladies this is my very first pregnancy and i am really nervous. I am 15 weeks Im ready to find out the sex of my baby ... bt at the same time im worried cause this all feels like ah dream to me. I am excited though were experiencing ah life inside ah life which is amazing to me ! Well dont judge me bt my question is after your babys feeding i know ur suppose to burp them but what if they go to sleep?? will that cause digestion problems for the lil one ??? IDK bt I just wanna congratulated all of you ladies on your pregnancy I wish every last one of you the best . I personally think motherhood is ah basic instinct of the female species  Big Smile

  • Angelnoell-you are still supposed to burp your baby, even if they go to sleep. Just put them up over your shoulder and burp them. Very often they will be full and content and stay sleepy even with you burping them. If you don't burp them, they can get gas trapped in their stomachs and have some issues due to that. Hope this helps! No question is silly - its all a learning experience as a new mom!

  • Hi, This is my first pregnancy as well. I am beyond nervous and scared. I had my first Dr. visit this past Tuesday and it went well. He took a series of blood test and had an ultra sound and saw my little precious. I would say to stay relaxed and have someone supportive with you. After my visit my pregnancy really got real for me. Good luck.

  • this is also my first pregnancy & everything is going smooth,other than the morning sickness which i had to get prescribed medication since it was so bad ;)

  • i found out i was pregnant when i was 6 weeks along and had my first ultrasound in my 7th week. i was so worried and scared when i found out i was pregnant that i cried like a little baby but my boyfriend reassured me everything was going to be ok.i am now 13 in a half weeks along and i can honestly say the only thing that i was still worried about until today is that when the dr. went to find my babies heart rate there wouldnt be one. well girls i am happy to say today i heard my babies heart beat for the first time and its absolutely amazing!!! there is nothing like it. ladies this is my first pregnancy too but once you get used to the ides that your having a baby your worries well go away! everything happens for a reason and this baby has a purpose! im not trying to preach or nothing ladies im just saying calm down and enjoy your pregnancy there is nothing like it! my m/s didnt kick in until i was about 9 weeks pregnant until 12 weeks and it was horrible but im glad to say that it has gotten alot better in my second trimester! i havent thrown up yet. keep your heads up ladies and anytime you get scared or worried just say to yourself " everything gunna be alright! good luck ladies!!