Baby Names

  • So next month on January 14th I will be finding out whether I am having a boy or girl... I am sooo excited! I have been having trouble with what I want to name the baby... so far I have come up with:

    Girl: **Alyse is definite for the middle





    Boy: **Xavier for the middle name



    Let me know what you guys think or any other ideas for baby names you have!! Thanks :-)



  • Congratulations!  I am 16 weeks today so I have a month to go until we find out.  I actually like all the names you listed.  My husband and I have talked about a few names, but are waiting to find out what we are having before we get serious.  We also have decided not to name the baby until we have it and can see what it looks like.  We will have a few names in our pockets, but won't pull one out until we see the cute baby we have brought into the world.  Good luck with everything.

  • Out of those names, I like Gabrielle and Jordan. I do think McKenzie is cute but it just seems to have become such a trendy name lately.

  • I like Jade. I found out I'm having a boy but I was thinking of Jade as a girls name as well. Now that I am having a boy we are thinking of Jude or Jonas but I like Jase too! 

    For me it seems so hard to pick a definite name until I see him! Good luck and congrats!

  • I likeGabrielle Alyse and Xavier Jordan,  Good luck on finding out what it is!

  • Oh - I think Gabrielle and Jordan are my favorite names for the girls/boys. So cute!! I bet the days are just dragging by until you find out. Let us all know what the gender is. :-)

  • I like your names for your baby.  I like Gabrielle and Jordan but that is my opinon.  I have picked out Makenzie Renee and Jesse Lamar for a girl or boy.  All the names you picked are not that bad.

  • I forgot to add something when I told you what names I like.  I told the names I picked and I will find out what the name will be on February 2nd and I am very ready to know and excited and nervous.  I hope mine is a girl.

  • Congratulations! I definitely like Jade Alyse and Jordan Xavier.