• oh my its offical im 30weeks exactly today(:

    and im sooooo exictedd i cant wait<3 all

    tho im getting a tad more nervous about everything

    i cant wait till my little baby heaven gets here

    10MORE WEEKS LEFT!!!! :)))))))))))

  • That's awesome! It will be here before you know it. Happy New Year!!

  • My baby girl is due March 12th I've got 10 weeks to go as well.  I am excited to meet her and just amazed at how fast its flown by (although some days I might not agree with that LOL!)  We've gotten LOTS of supplies from friends and family which is really helpful, but I think of all the stuff we still need I get nervous.  Not to mention this is my first baby and I'm trying to read everything I get my hands on.  I still work full time and it gets tiring to be on my feet all day long so maternity leave is sounding like a dream.  10 weeks isn't really that long when you look back at the 30 that are behind us.  Have you done any childbirth classes yet?  I still need to.  We had the tour at the hospital which was nice to answer questions and see how things go and where we go when the time comes. 

  • Congrats!! You can start to count DOWN instead of UP! You will do fabulously. Have you taken child birth classes yet? They aren't a necessity but they can be really great for helping you feel prepared when the time comes to go to the hospital. Keep us up to speed on how things go!

  • I just signed up for classes the end of this month. I'm taking lamaze and then a breastfeeding class as well. I'm ready to learn as much as I can to be as prepared as I can be. I feel that all the info I can get to reassure my mind I know much of it will me learned on the fly but its just nice to have options.