What's in a Name?? How did you Choose your Baby's Name?

  • My children all have middle names that reflect our family tree and I chose my children’s first names long before they were even born. Yet some of my friends waited until they met their little bundle of joy before choosing a name. How did you choose your baby’s name? What does it mean?

  • I chose family names for both the first and middle names in honor of my grandmother. I wanted to give my little girl and name that really means something-strong and she will take pride in it later-its also really cute. I just couldnt pick a name that had no meaning or anything behind it. I wanted it to be special.

  • My husband and i chose a biblical name because we both read the bible and we wanted our daughters name to be extra special...try to pick a name for your baby that not only sounds nice but that truly means something.
  • My little boy has a biblical name - we read the Bible often and have always liked several names from it. The meaning of his name was a significant thing for us as well. We gave him my father's middle name as a way to honor him. Great question!