• ok so up until now i was just FINE...about the hole labor and delivery..but now im havin bad anxierty about everythihng and im only 26 planning on having a home pretty good with pain but im pretty sure somthin squeezing itself out one of my body holes..the word PAIN is an i just dont know what to do about all these thoughts going through my head! ha ha help me just RELAXXXX

  • As a Dad, I don't want to say I have any idea of the pain level because I don't. If you need any inspiration, remember that for thousands of years, mothers had their babies in the exact way you will, and managed to endure the intense pain for a few days in exchange for the greatest gift we can ever receive. Also remember that at 26 weeks, you also have time to change your mind about the method of your birth, so if the anxiety is overwhelming, consult your doctor. Congrats and good luck!

  • Believe me, I'm only 21 weeks and I just have this feeling the second I go into labor I'm going to have an anxiety attack because I'm so scared. So I'm right there with ya! Advice is needed & appreciated Smile

  • once you go into active labor those feelings of anxiety go away .icant explain it but im on baby number four and ive been scared to death with all my babies until the labor starts just have somebody that makes you feel comfortable with you during the labor .im 36 weeks and 4 days and im just as nervous as the last baby but when that day comes believe me you will just be ready to get it over with.good luck baby girl

  • Congrats on your pregnancy! Labor and delivery can be pretty scary since it is such an unknown experience. I really think knowledge is power. Get your hands on books, videos, and attend classes. The more you read and know, the better you will feel about how prepared you are. After prepping to a certain level, however, I had to just sit back and realize that it will be a wonderful event regardless of how it all goes because a beautiful baby is waiting at the end of it. :-)

    PS - The other mom is totally right - your anxiety goes away when you go into labor. Your body just takes over and is amazing! You can do it. :-)

  • honestly, i stressed myself over a hospital birth when i was planning to have the baby, but i didnt have to worry about it because i had my little girl at home (didnt quite make it to the hospital -- great story to tell later in life).   more often than than not,  the adrenaline of having something come out of you blocks a lot of the pain itself -- at least in my case it did, or she was just that good of a delivery. who knows, but dont be anxious over it, you'll tense up and make it a lot worse for yourself.


    OH and stay active, go for walks even if its freezing outside, it definitely helps the muscles when it comes time to have the baby.