Sexual Increase

  • Is there another mom out there that has had an increase in their sex drive during pregnancy? Im 27wks and I feel like a sex maniac. At first my husband loved it but now he pretends like hes asleep. Whata switch!

  • Im sorry but this cracks me up. lol This was me during my first pregnancy, now on the 3rd and its the complete opposite. Its normal. 

  • LOL im the same way, and so is my husband he loved it at first but now he's like im tired . ;)
  • I'm on my 4th pregnancy and it's been that way every pregnancy. You're not the only one. It has switched for me as well. My husband doesn't seem much in the mood as much as he used to. lol.

  • I cant help laughing myself! Lol This is my 4th and last Im 39 yrs old. This never happened with my others.

  • Oh yes! Yes! My hubby too! He tells me to just go to sleep because  I need to rest. That line never worked for me when I tried to use it on him! Lol

  • I did not experience that with my first pregnancy but I did with my second. I didn't expect it at all!

  • As a husband who had to deal with a wife who experienced zero sex drive, thank you for sharing your stories. She pushed me away and made me feel like something was wrong with me, so embrace the experience and scale things back to fit your husbands requests as well. Enjoy!



  • I felt the TOTAL opposite during my pregnancy but I hear from many women that they do experience an increase in libido. I think you are pretty normal. :-)