41 yrs. old and pregnant.

  • I'm 41 and I'm having a baby girl in May-20-11, I married a good man in 2007 he didn't have no kids of his own so I gave him his first son in 2008, and I really wanted to give him one more , so her I am pregnant again and very happy, but I do feel that I'm a little old to be having babies,just wondering if there's any ladies out there in the same situation as me, any advise or comments are welcome.
  • My girlfriend is 39 and pregnant with her fourth child. She had two kids with her first husband and then after divorcing, met the love of her life. They decided to have two kids later in life and are done after this pregnancy. She finds that people seem to be happy for her but also can make comments about her age that make her uncomfortable. Is this true for you?

  • Hi there! I've notice that when people ask me how old I am they some times make comments and they'll say if I know that the baby is at a higher risk of being down syndrome, I tell them that I know and that I have faith in god and this baby is going to be healthy baby, when people make comments like that I just ignored them and don't let it get to me.
  • Hi, I was 40 when I was pregnant with my son.  I understand your situation.  My middle girl is 5 and I feel like I am the oldest mom in her pre-k class.  I also have a 13 year old daughter and most of my girlfriends kids are all about that age.  I sometimes feel out of place as I am still changing diapers while they are out at the spa.  I would not change a thing.  There are days it is hard.  I am now 41 and it seemed easier after I had him.  Everyone looks at him and comments takes the pressure off of me and my age.

    You will do great!  You are very lucky to have a son and now a daughter.  Boys are great but dressing girls is awesome.  My first was born on May 15 and it was a great time of year.  I hope you are lucky enough to stay home with the babies.  Time flies enjoy every minutes.   Don't worry about your age and you are not alone.  I think there is more of us having babies after 40 than ever before.  Remember 40 is the new 30!!!!

  • I'm 41 and had my first child at 39 a little girl, i met the love of my life six years ago and we decided to enjoy one another before having kids. I just give birth last you to a little boy and like the other lady i would change it for nothing in the world. Yes some days are hard because there arent enough hours in the day but, i also work a full time job you'll do fine hang in there. I know for a fact that ten to fifteen years ago there was no way i would have the patience i have now....

  • I'll be 42 in a couple weeks and just had a healthy baby girl in December.  I feel just as young now as I did when I had my first 10 years ago.  We should feel bleesed our bodies can still go thru this in our 40's.  Many of my friends are having babies in their 40's.  Congratulations!!

  • Well my husband & I didn't get married until I was almost 40yrs.  Neither one of us had ever been married nor had any kids so 6months into our married found out that we couldn't have children(him) so we tried everything & fertility drugs did not agree with me:(  so after 3yrs of being childless a friend knew of a child that was being abused so long story short we got a 2yr baby boy and adopted him.  3yrs later thru the same process of a friend of a friend type of network we were put in touch with a young girl who was having her 2nd child and not wanting to keep it.  So I was able to go thru all the drs appointments, birth, and everything.  So now at the age of 47yrs I am a very PROUD mother or a 5yr and a 2month old!!!!  I wouldn't have changed anything at all, well maybe if I could have been prego but being older and a parent I LOVE IT!!!!! you will do just fine!!!!! good luck:)

  • Thanks for your comment, It's good to know I'm not the only one out there having babies at this age,I still feel young, and strong. I to have a 13yr. Old daughter, and an 18yr. Old son, wow what a difference I say!!! They're from my previous marriage. Never in my mind did I think I was going to have more children until I got married again, know I'm so glad I have a little boy, and soon a baby girl, I thank the lord and I give him all the praise for this baby that I'm having cause I had a miscarriage last year in july, but two months later I got pregnant again and this time I'm having my baby . 40 is still young!!!
  • To all those beautiful moms in there 40's , thanks for all your comments, it really made me feel better about being pregnant at 41yrs. My 13yr. Old was having some issues with my pregnancy ,but when I showed her all the comments that i've being getting she change her way of thinking, and told me that she didn't know anybody in there 40's that were pregnant and she was not comfortable going out with me in public, now that she has seen that its not odd to be pregnant she told me she was sorry for acting the way she did. Thanks again ladies!!! God bless you all.
  • I am 42 and having my 3rd. My older kids will be 27 and 23 when this child is born.  Not planned, but I am getting excited. I do stress over the potential problems, but then I give thanks for being healthy and taking care of myself all those in between years.  Own it and enjoy it is my advice.  That little soul obviously wanted to be here on earth.

  • Well congrats you make me feel good I was concerned being 34yrs going on 35yrs when baby is due.  My advice to you is just think of the day when you and your ob dr spoke on how this pregnacy will be for you. I think ob a dr should stop considering women high risk at age 35 and over. People in Hollywood have healthy babies at 48yrs,if you have a medical condition or mental health issues then thats when a women should be high risk or scared.

  • I am 40 pregnant with my first baby my husband and i tried for years with only one time of medical help but we decided to stop it and put it into god hands 10 years later i am pregnant very nervous and feel along cause i feel like i am the only 40 year old pregnant women it was great to see that other people are going through the same thing and i don't feel so along my advice to you is cherish every moment don't let no one steal your joy of the life that god has bless you.

  • I  am 40 pregnant with my first baby I   will be 41 when baby is born  I agree with u my doctor scared me also I was feeling guilty for being pregnant because he said it was high risk he told me they are required by law to say that but he also told me in the same breath that my baby can be very healthy i have much chance as anybody else but i will be getting the CVS test done soon i pray everything goes well for you and everyone.

  • Hi.  I will also be 41 when I deliver.  I have two daughters who are 12 and 10, but this pregnancy is much scarier!!  Good luck to you!!

  • hi tiffani congrat. on your baby when are you due I am due july 1, 2012  right now i am 7 weeks preg I am very excited and  also scared. we heard the baby (lovebug) heartbeat thats our little name we gave so we won't always say the baby of course a real name when he / she is born but it was amazing to hear wow please keep me up to date its so nice to know someone else is having a baby at 41 or older thank so much for your reply.