First Time Mom...

  • I am currently 5mths Pregnant with twin girls. Scared Beyond Words!!

  • That is awesome news, at the same time I can understand how scared you are feeling! These must be your first babies? Do you have support at home? When you are feeling like you need some support this is a great place to come. I am certainly happy to listen, chat and cheer!! What are you feeling the most scared about? -Jess
  • I know how nervous and scared I was just having one baby, I can imagine how scared you are knowing that you are having two. Talk to your doctor about your fears and your concerns and see if there are support groups in your community where you can meet other moms of multiples. You may get some really great tips, advice, and support from real moms who have been there. Of course, there are also plenty of moms on the Strong Moms message boards who have had twins, triplets and more! Maybe we can help take some of those fears away! Congratulations!

  • Congrats!! What a thrill and challenge all at the same time! What are your biggest fears? Any names picked out? Let us know!

  • How exciting! I know you are scared, because now you have to buy two of everything. When you see your babies for the first time all your fears will go away, because the only thing you will worry about  is being a good mother. Just be patient, and give your babies lots of hugs and kisses. I wish you much luck!

  • Being a first time mom myself, it was a little scared, but once your little girls are here, mommy mode will kick in and you will be ready to do whatever. My close friend had twin boys December 2010 and she was nervous about everything. She told me what calmed her fears was the moral support of family and friends. So if anything, try to surround yourself with a good support system...

  • Oh my goodness! I can see why. Ha ha. I'm a first time mom myself and it's like nothing else in the world. I only have one child, and I was terrified to bring her home. With twins, your anxiety is totally understandable. However, once they come home, everything will begin to come naturally. If you have a strong support system and someone to help you, it will be a lot easier than you would think.

    Babies are pretty simplistic creatures. They pee, poop, eat, burp, and sometimes just need a good snuggling. A word of advice: try not to let them cry in fear of them becoming spoiled. It's a security thing. Once they feel like you'll come when they need you, they wont cry as often as they get bigger.  That's the best advice I've been given so far as a new mommy.

  • I'm so impressed with all the responses to your post!  I just want to echo what others said about giving it time, and knowing it will get easier.  Don't over think things to much, if possible!  Keep coming back for support, that is what we are here for.


  • I just want to say thank you to everyone for your advice. i will definitely be needed more!! I think I'm gonna be fine!

  • Wonderful - the support on StrongMoms is fabulous, isn't it? Keep visiting and let us know how you are.

  • Dgeorge32-I love the positive vibe to your words. You are right you ARE going to be fine! :) -Jess
  • Smile pregnant with twin girls wow congratulations. I am expecting my first child and I understand totally your concern with being nervous and what to expect. The only advice I can give you is read alot of literature on pregnancy and research any concerns or uncertainities you may have. Thats what I been doing and I found the literature and the videos to be very informative and helpful in perparing for the arrival of my bundle. Another thing I found to be helpful is talking to my firends that have kids and ask them about their experiences and what not. good luck