More Pregnant Than Before

  • I had another unltra sound today. Reality kinda hit me. On my first one the baby was so small it looked like a little peanut. This time he was so much bigger. I could see his little toes and fingers. He looked right at us. It was amazing just how much he moved and wiggled. it was the most wonderful thing i have ever seen. All i could do was sit there and stare. It was one of those moments where i realized that everything I am going through is worth it. Every pain and upset stomach.... every mood swing and craving.... It is worth it all. I almost wish that I could have laid there forever and looked at that tiny little body. My due date became the 13th of Nov. its only 5 days sooner... but 5 days is 5 days. They switched it over to 3d. it was amazing. I could see his entire face and arms and legs. I cant wait to be able to feel those little movements.  I never thought I could feel this much love.

  • Awww, you make me want another baby!! That feeling of seeing your precious little guy on the screen is absolutely surreal and out of body! I remember feeling in awe of my pregnancy and a deeper bond to my boy than I had before. Now when you feel those kicks and squirms, you can visualize the little baby inside of you so much better! Do some things before November that you really would like to do before baby comes - decorate the nursery, go on some short trips (if your OB is okay with it) to visit family or friends, take a last romantic trip with your partner before you are a family of three, etc. I also wrote in a journal to my baby - you can find ones that have suggestions about what to write and you end up with a really sweet journal telling them all about yourself and their family and how much you love them. Congrats!!

  • Ambermarie-

    What a wonderful experience and an equally touching description of your ultra sound!  It warms my heart to hear the excitement in your voice!  Keep us posted as your pregnancy progresses and then the birth of the little one!


  • There is nothing like experiencing everything that goes on with your first child. The realization you had with the ultrasound is inspiring! For my wife and I, there were so many similar moments. The most vivd was when we took baby home from the hospital and walked into our house. We left a few days earlier as a couple, and arrived home a family. Thanks for sharing and best of luck! November will be here before you know it!

  • Every  moment of your pregnancy is amazing! I like the idea of starting a journal and really documenting your is always fun to read about how you felt during those special times. My first time seeing my baby on ultrasound was unbelievable. I couldn't believe everything that was going on in there! I still remember the feeling!