• I am only 11 weeks and none of my pants fit! none, this is my 3rd and with all my other pregnacys i did not even show entell i was almost 6 mos. why is this on so diffrent, im the same size as i was when  i got prego with my other two but im so big all ready  :(

  • I can definitely understand your concern! I was doing well on my diet (loss close to 25 lbs) before I decided to have another child and now I am watching my weight/size closely. People tell me not to worry about it and to focus on the baby, which I understand, but I want to be comfortable with my new body and size as well. I eat healthy and take my vitamins and all. I'm just not falling for that "it's ok, you're eating for two" excuse I was more than happy to use during my other pregnancies. =) I was much smaller then.

    But back to you! =) Of course, you already know all pregnancies are different. I suggest you talk with your doctor about diet/nutrition and exercise. Also, to make sure it's not a medical problem - like gestational diabetes or a thyroid problem. Try not to fret too much so you can enjoy your pregnancy, but keep a close eye on the situation.

    All the best,


  • With each pregnancy, your stomach seems to expand quicker. Muscles and ligaments are already stretched out from the other pregnancies..which makes it seem like you get bigger quickly. In some cases, women may also be expecting twins! Don't worry too much about your expanding waistline...it is inevitable!

  • MommyRN4 is right - each subsequent pregnancy usually ends up showing faster and you have to ditch those pre-pregnancy pants sooner! You are quite normal! :-)

  • Hang in there my dear.  I think you have gotten some wonderful advice here and hope that it is lightening this tough situation for you.  Please keep us posted and let us know how we can support you.


    Hang in there!