im worried to the max...

  • So i have a week left before i go to see the specialist for the second time to find out if my little unborn baby boy is going to have down syndrome and a hole in his heart. I'm  freaking out. I'm worried about him so much and im stressed to the max not knowing what is going to happen. on top of it i have to deal with the stress of everyday life. this is my third pregnancy. i had two miscarriages before this. which makes me worry even more. what d i do?

  • Just saw this post - have you gone to see your specialist yet? I hope things have turned out okay for you. I'm thinking of you and praying for you. What a stressful situation to be in. If your little boy does have Down Syndrome, let me know. I have some really helpful resources for you, including the blog of a mom whose little girl has Down S. Hope I hear from you soon.

  • Leeann-I'm so sorry to have missed your post when it was posted on the 23rd, not quite sure how that happened!! I'm wondering if you have had your procedure yet and what you found out. We are here to help and support no matter what the outcome of our testing. Take good care, Jess
  • Hi Leeann... the fear in your post was palpable and like the others, I hope that you have had your visit and received good news. Here's hoping that things work out for the best. Either way, you are in our prayers and please know you are not alone. Not only are there many ears to bend here on Strongmoms, but support groups with parents who have gone through the same issues are also a great resource because this is a situation where only people who have gone through what you have can truly understand the emotions involved. Good luck and keep in touch.