Hello! I am new here


    Just wanted to stop in and say Hello to everyone.  My name is Kate and I am pregnant with #5.  I am 7weeks 3days.  I have 4 other awesome kids: Joshua 7, Titus 6, Tillara 4 & Ben almost 3 ... I look forward to talking to everyone!


  • Welcome to the boards, Kate! It's so great to meet you. Congratulations on your new baby and your growing family. Being that you're a pro by now, what types of topics do you think you'd be interested in talking about?

  • Welcome and congrats! I hope you like it here. How are you feeling about #5? You must be a time management queen! I can't wait to here all the great advice you have! :)

  • Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to sharing my "wisdom".