Feeling Anxiety

  • I am 11 weeks pregnant and I had been feeling fluttering of the baby and then in the last few days I haven't felt anything.  I am a little nervous about it.  I go this Wednesday to the doctor so I hope everything is ok and can hear that joyful heartbeat.

  • I understand that anxiety - I think it is common for all mothers! At 11 weeks, my guess is that your little baby is really so small still that there will certainly be times when you can't feel him/her. It is pretty early to be feeling the baby - a lot of people don't feel the baby until 16-22 weeks. I'm glad you are getting checked out anyway but I wouldn't stress too badly until you have reason to worry. Let us know how you do!

  • kseltz-If you are feeling nervous about this I want to encourage you to go right in to see you doc sooner than Wednesday. I think you will rest better knowing that everything is ok! Keep us posted, Jess
  • How was your appointment yesterday? I was thinking of you! I hope all is well. :-)

  • How was your appointment? Are things going well?