2nd pregnancy

  • i have a 5 month old girl and i am 4 weeks pregnant again. are there any signs or things that i should expect to be different?.
  • Welcome to StrongMoms! So glad you are here - congrats on your pregnancy too! Your little girl will be lucky to have a sibling so close in age to be friends with. :-) I'm not really aware of anything that will be different just because you have a young baby but a lot of people find that sometimes fatigue seems worse when you are caring for another child. Every single pregnancy is different and has a different feel to it, regardless of how far apart they are. I hope yours goes smoothly! 

  • Kvenson1- Welcome to the boards. I think that Julie has offered you great guidance. I just wanted to say welcome and that I will look forward to hearing more about how this pregnancy goes for you! Take care, Jessica
  • Ooh thank you soo much Julie, this is really good stuff. you make me feel soo much better. i guess this is going to be another wonderful experience, just didnt feel as exciting as the first even though i have been afraid to admit that. my husband is most worried about me as i made him feel helpless when he saw me going through labor and nothing he would say or do would make help me. so far i dont have any morning sickness which i didnt have the first pregnancy either. thank you soo much and i hope to talk more soon.

  • Thank you jessica. will do :)
  • Also any advice on how to deal with providing for more than one child at a time. this pregancy has me thinking in advance as im having difficulty picking up my 5 month old and i am only 6 weeks prego. also the food and diapers are very expense. my daughter only takes the similac soy and i try to use only the most natural chlorine free wipes and diapers while shes under 1. any advice here, thank you moms soo much as i am new at this and didnt see myself being a mom before now i wouldnt want to have it any other way.
  • I think you are pretty normal to not be quite as excited as with your first! First of all, if I had to guess, you are pretty tired and still getting into the swing of things with your young one. That alone will make anyone a bit apprehensive about having another baby right away but I really find from talking to other mothers, that it all works out beautifully and they love having siblings so close in age to play with. Just give yourself some grace and know that your feelings will develop for this sweet child in time.

    With regards to your second baby on the way, perhaps you could consider cloth diapers for your second? I know a lot of people think it sounds like much too much work but it certainly can be all natural and healthy for your child since you control what you wash it in, while being cheaper in the long run. If you don't think you can handle that, try just looking for amazing sales on diapers and stocking up when you can in different sizes. Formula certainly is expensive. Not every baby will only take soy - each one is different. One suggestion to save money is to perhaps attend a breastfeeding class and plan on breastfeeding your second baby - it does save a bunch of money in the long run and is pretty convenient to feeding when you are out and about with your older daughter. Just a thought. :-) I know there are other mothers on here who have been in your boat, so I hope they jump right in. I did some baby sitting when I was pregnant and I had to change how I lifted the babies. Remember to bend your knees and squat down to pick up your daughter, rather than bending over at the waist. It's not the most comfortable thing, I know!