Traveling with a 7 mo. old

  • I will be flying cross country with my 7 mo. old next week.  Does anyone have any travel tips?  I am really nervous for the plan ride and am also worried that my little one will be all messed up with the time change.  Any suggestions?

  • Snacks and distractions are musts. Since he's probably not crawling yet, he shouldn't be too wiggly or want to get up and move around too much. Stock up on toys and bottles so that he won't get hungry or bored. Are you planning on bringing a car seat? That may make things easier, especially if he falls asleep.

  • I just returned home from a trip to Boston from California with my 4 month old daughter. She did great! Just be sure to have a bottle and pacifier ready for the take off and landing. I made sure she was sucking something and she did not have any problems with the pressure. I also made sure to have her blanket and stuffed animal. They may have helped to keep her calm in a strange environment. I also brought the stroller and checked it at the terminal. This way, she was able to lay down during our layover. She slept during most of the flights. 

    My last piece of advice- dont stress! The baby will pick up on your stress and get upset. Just tell yourself that everything will be fine.


    Good luck!