Sleeping thru the night

  • my son turned 8 months 2 days ago and he is still waking up during the night, at most its twice during the night but most of the time its only once. does anyone have any advice or has anyone else experience this?

  • Tikarayson-

    Did your son ever sleep through the night? If he never has slept through the night this is just fine.  If he was sleeping through the night and is now waking then I have a few questions for you.  First of all it is normal for infants to wake up once or twice at night.  After 6 months most healthy babies don't need a bottle during the night.  That is really your judgement and you can surely ask your baby's medical provider for their insight on this since they know him much better than I do.  If he is still waking just make sure he is safe, not in pain, offer him a blanket, stuffed animal, or binki to comfort him and let him settle back to sleep.  If he just started waking after a period of sleeping through the night you want to be sure that he is not having pain or illness that is waking him.  Might be worth an ear check at the doctors if you are concerned.  So long as he is healthy do just as i suggested above and he will settle back to sleep.  It is normal for these guys to start waking after a period of not having night wakings.

    Let us know how things are going,


  • Thanks Jess! and no hes never really slept thru the night and hes very healthy my friends say i shouldnt even be complaining cuz most of the times he go right back to sleep after a bottle but i have to be up at 530 to go to work lol so its more so on my and the nights that hes up at 3am and wants to play lol. but i plan on checking with his doc to see if theres anything i could be doing differently maybe his last afternoon nap i could cut out but i tried that before and it didnt work lol when hes ready to sleep hes ready to sleep/

  • What is your routine when he gets up at night? Do you feed him? Let him put himself back to sleep? Go rock him a bit? I'd be curious - might tell us why he is getting up. Let me know!

  • tikararson-

    It helps to know that he has never slept through the night.  I find this less concerning then as it is not a change in behavior.  I was just at a conference approved by the American Acad. of Pediatrics last weekend and sat through a really good lecture on insomnia in childhood.  For infants older than 6 months the suggestion is to enter the room without turning on many lights, do not make eye contact with the baby, and keep your tone quiet and matter to fact.  Offer assurance, help the baby lay back down, and then leave them with an item that comforts them (blanket, binki, stuffed animal, ect).  She warned against making it a fun and engaging time, against picking the baby up, and against feeding (so long as the baby is healthy and not needing calories).  She also talked about helping baby use something to self sooth (that's the binki, blanket, animal mentioned above).  She also did talk about letting baby cry it out.  There are many ways of doing this-letting them cry, checking on them every few minutes, or being in the room but not interacting with the child.  I hope that this gives you a few tools to try.  I very much agree that you need to sleep at night as to be both an effective employee but also parent.

    Keep us posted!